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Growing and Harvesting Medicinal Trees and Shrubs

Our aim is to encourage more sustainable cultivation and harvest of medicinal trees and shrubs. 

You can include a variety of healing plants on your growing site, whether you are a cottage gardener, farmer, forester, smallholder or  woodland owner.

Many of these plants will benefit the environment and aid biodiversity. A medicinal forest garden can be very productive in fuel, fruits and nuts as well as harvesting of medicinal trees and other herbal produce. You might use the plants for self-help. Or more sustainable supplies of natural ingredients can be grown for making herbal, cosmetic and other products. Find out more about the information and advice offered by the Medicinal Forest Garden Trust.

Learn How to Design Your Own Medicinal Forest Garden

Find out about permaculture design principles that you can use to develop a medicinal forest garden. Along with providing therapeutic benefits for people, you can gain environmental benefits of greater resilience and sustainability.

We offer an online design course to get you started.

Learn with an experienced herbal grower and practitioner, Anne Stobart, about how to design your own medicinal forest garden. You can sign up for a free preview of online course. 

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