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Promoting Healthy Living with Medicinal Trees and Shrubs

Our focus is on encouraging the sustainable cultivation of medicinal trees and shrubs. We aim to provide information, advice and training to help you decide on the most suitable plants for your growing project, whether a small garden, or a woodland development.

Violet willow
Violet willow

Amazing trees, amazing medicine

Many traditional uses of plants  in herbal medicine are based on longstanding experience. Modern research studies bear out observations of benefits in the past, showing how plant constituents can be harvested to promote health and alleviate common complaints. Find out more about trees …


Forest garden layers

Medicinal forest garden online courses

Learn with our online course in design of the medicinal forest garden using permaculture principles. Or discover guidelines and recipes from our online course in harvesting and making herbal preparations.  Find out more …

Forest garden layers

Get help with our consultancy offer

You may want advice on including medicinal trees and shrubs in a growing project. Based on discussion with you, we can offer an outline plan and help you to get started. A fixed fee applies.  Find out more …

Hawthorn flowers

Support us!

A key focus for the Medicinal Forest Garden Trust is to encourage more sustainable cultivation and harvest of herbal medicines. Every contribution or purchase helps to support the Trust, and we hope that you will also get involved.


Cramp bark berries

Check out our blog posts

In addition to an occasional newsletter we aim to produce blog posts about topics of relevance to growing with a medicinal forest garden. We hope to include recipes, research and other information to help anyone interested in medicinal forest gardening. See our blog …



Get the handbook

The Medicinal Forest Garden Handbook is an authoritative and well-referenced text. It contains heaps of information with  sections on design, establishment, propagation, harvest and making herbal remedies. A detailed dirctory of 4o medicinal trees and shrubs is included, along with discussion of commercial possibilities. More details of the book…


Threats to Medicinal Trees and Shrubs? 

We aim to help!

A large part of the world supply of medicinal plants is still based on wild harvesting. As habitats are disrupted by change of use to agriculture or environmental disasters, plants are becoming rarer or even disappearing. We can help ourselves by growing more medicinal plants sustainably.

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