Medicinal Forest Garden Consultancy


Customised initial advice on developing a medicinal forest garden.


Medicinal forest garden design

We offer a design consultancy service for your project based on your interests in growing medicinal trees and shrubs. Planting a medicinal forest garden is a wonderful step, producing increased biodiversity and an enhanced environment alongside healing benefits. This is an initial design consultancy service available to get you started, mapping out an outline plan based on your needs, for a fixed fee. Do get in touch by email at if you would like to discuss your project.

What is included in the initial design consultancy service

Every gardener or grower has different needs so customised advice is ideal to suit the space you have available. You can express your vision and specific interests for developing a forest garden that incorporates healing plants (or extending an existing one) and we will provide a design with practical advice. The service we offer includes the following steps:

  1. Preliminary discussion
  2. Questionnaire for you to complete with a site plan
  3. Visit to the site
  4. Initial feedback and suggestions
  5. Printed report with outline plan, in addition notes on your identified needs, design suggestion, advice on further resources

Cost is £240 inclusive (excluding travel costs charged on a mileage basis).

Every project undertaken results in a contribution to the Medicinal Forest Garden Trust helping to support access to education and training related to medicinal trees and shrubs.

Our advisers

Your consultant advisers are Anne Stobart and Kay Piercy. They developed the Holt Wood medicinal forest garden between 2004-2020 and have a wealth of experience to offer.

Additional consultancy services

If you require further assistance or ongoing coaching then we can offer additional consultancy service sessions negotiated to fit your requirements. We can offer extra help in the following ways, details to be agreed by negotiation:

  1. Measurement and design plan to scale for construction purposes
  2. Plant list and planting plan
  3. Photography and/or aerial views based on edited drone footage
  4. Production of a maintenance and harvesting plan
  5. Coaching in further aspects of the medicinal forest garden

Cost is £240 per day (excluding travel costs charged on a mileage basis)

How to arrange the consultancy service

Contact us at the Medicinal Forest Garden Trust to discuss your requirements in detail.


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